Orange County’s Auto Supply Experts

Professional mechanics and home enthusiasts share a common need for quality auto parts at a reasonable price. They also share a need for auto-related advice and conversation. In Orange County, your source for all things vehicle-related is Hub Auto. Every day, we provide you with unequaled expertise, price match guarantees and the industry’s most convenient and timely delivery options. We also feature the County’s largest available inventory of OEM parts and third-party replacement parts, and provide the easiest possible access to the rare parts you need to complete your one-of-a-kind personal and professional projects.

The County’s Largest Car Parts Inventory

Air Conditioning – We carry replacements for all major and minor components of your vehicle’s A/C system, including:

  •         Compressors
  •         Condensers
  •         Evaporators
  •         Thermal Expansion Valves
  •         Driers and Accumulators
  •         O-rings
  •         Switches, and
  •         Relays

We also carry the refrigerants and lubricants needed to provide your system with smooth, reliable function.

Cooling/Heating – Our inventory also includes quality cooling/heating replacement parts. Choose from essential items such as:

  •         Radiators
  •         Radiator caps and hoses
  •         Water pumps
  •         Thermostats
  •         Fan assemblies and clutches
  •         Heater cores
  •         Blower motors
  •         Heater control valves, and
  •         Cooling/heating system belts

Steering/Suspension System – We carry an extensive inventory of parts for your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. Your choices include:

  •         Steering racks
  •         Power steering pumps and hoses
  •         Control arms
  •         Ball joints
  •         Tie rod assemblies and tie rod ends
  •         Shock absorbers, and
  •         Struts and strut mounts

Our stock also includes a wide selection of steering rack and control arm bushings.  

Electrical System – Essential electrical system components we carry include:

  •         Starters
  •         Alternators
  •         Relays
  •         Switches, and
  •         Window lift motors

We also carry a broad range of headlights, headlight bulbs and fuses.

Auto Batteries – Hub Auto features a comprehensive selection of batteries, including:

  •         Car batteries
  •         Commercial batteries
  •         Truck batteries
  •         Motorcycle batteries
  •         Seadoo batteries, and
  •         RV batteries

Choose from your desired battery technology, as well as your desired size and format (side-post, standard top-post or recessed top-post).

Engine Parts – Our stock of available engine components for newer and older vehicles includes:

  •         Pistons and piston ring sets
  •         Engine valves and valve seals
  •         Camshafts and lifter
  •         Oil pumps
  •         Intake and exhaust gaskets
  •         Valve cover gaskets
  •         Head gaskets
  •         Tensioners and pulleys, and
  •         Timing belts

We also carry complete timing kits.

Engine Management – Modern engines rely on complex engine management systems. Hub Auto stocks essential components for these systems, including:

  •         Engine control modules
  •         Oxygen sensors
  •         Mass/air sensors
  •         Miscellaneous additional sensors
  •         Relays
  •         Fuel pumps
  •         Fuel injectors and fuel injector O-rings, and
  •         Idle air motors

Drivetrain Parts – No vehicle functions without a working drivetrain. We help you keep going with such critical components as:

  •         Axle shafts
  •         Axle bearings
  •         U-joints, and
  •         CV joints and CV boots

Brakes – Brake systems are another crucial area for automotive performance. Hub Auto meets your needs with:

  •         Brake rotors
  •         Brake drums
  •         Brake wheel cylinders
  •         Brake master cylinders
  •         Brake seals, and
  •         Brake sensors

We also carry a vast selection of brake pads, brake shoes and brake lines and hoses.

Clutches – Clutches are essential for the function of vehicles with manual and automatic transmissions. Our complete inventory of clutch system parts includes:

  •         Flywheels
  •         Driven plates (i.e., clutch plates)
  •         Pressure plates
  •         Master cylinders
  •         Slave cylinders
  •         Operating linkages, and
  •         Clutch cables

We also carry a number of complete clutch kits.

Ignition – Without a working ignition system, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere. We supply you with system components that include:

  •         Ignition coils
  •         Direct ignition coils
  •         Distributors
  •         Distributor caps and rotors, and
  •         Ignition wires and cables

We also carry a comprehensive selection of spark plugs for all kinds of vehicles.

Additional Items

Our inventory also includes a wide variety of additional parts and accessories. Your choices include:

  •         Oil filters
  •         Air filters
  •         Fuel filters
  •         Transmission filters
  •         Cabin filters
  •         Motor oil
  •         Transmission fluid
  •         Power steering fluid
  •         Fuel cleaners and additives
  •         Diesel fuel additives
  •         Cooling additives
  •         Wiper blades
  •         Hood lift supports
  •         Car waxes
  •         Car cleaners
  •         Hand tools
  •         Specialty tools
  •         Latex gloves, and
  •         Repair manuals

OEM & Hard-to-Find Parts

Hub Auto carries the region’s largest assortment of original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) parts, prized for the ability to precisely match the parts originally installed in your vehicle. No matter what type of domestic or foreign SUV, truck or car you drive, you’ll find items that meet your specific needs. Our extensive network of suppliers also allows us to track down that hard-to-find part that you’ll never see in your typical auto parts shop.

Unbeatable Expertise

For almost six decades, Hub Auto has supplied parts and advice for generations of Orange County’s automotive repair professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Every member of our in-house staff has many years of accumulated knowledge and expertise to offer. No matter the issue you’re facing or the project you plan to undertake, we’ll direct you toward the right parts for the job.

Guaranteed Price Matching

High-quality and hard-to-find parts won’t do you any good if you can’t afford them. At Hub Auto, we feature an ironclad price matching guarantee for every item in our inventory. We help make sure that you’ll never have to choose your budget limitations over the parts and advice you truly need.

Same-Day Service

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY mechanic, you want your parts when you need them, not later. That’s why we feature same-day service for any item not currently in stock on the premises. Frequent hot-shot deliveries ensure timely arrival throughout the local area.

The Trusted Source for Orange County Mechanics and Do-It-Yourselfers

Orange County is famous throughout the country for its prosperous communities and major landmarks and tourist attractions. From Seal Beach to San Clemente, the “OC” boasts some of the world’s finest beaches and boating and surfing destinations. The county also has a beloved place in the history of 20th century architecture. Orange County’s many famous locations include Disneyland Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, the surf spots of Huntington Beach, Balboa Pier, Disney California Adventure Park and Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge.

Hub Auto serves all of Orange County from our home at 2120 Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa. When you absolutely must have the parts you need at a price you can afford, you can count on us. No one in Orange County or all of Southern California can beat our huge inventory, long decades of continuous operation and extensive automotive knowledge.  

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