Gas prices got you down? If you want to work on reducing the amount of money you spend on gas, you don’t have to go out and buy a hybrid, although choosing a car with great fuel economy the next time you purchase a new car is also a good idea. You can also improve your gas milage through routine vehicle maintenance! Whether your goal is to spend less on gas or make every drop count to benefit the environment, vehicle maintenance is great for your car and great for your gas mileage.

How does it work?


Older cars can get a real boost on fuel efficiency when you replace clogged air filters. For newer models, you may not get a boost in fuel economy, but you’ll notice better acceleration.

Motor Oil

Double check what your manufacturer recommends in terms of motor oil. If you use the wrong type of motor oil, you can reduce your fuel efficiency by 1-2%! Over time, that really adds up. So, make sure you’re using what’s recommended for your vehicle. You can also find motor oils that are specially made to be energy conserving. Check the label for these words so that you can maximize your fuel efficiency.

Tire Pressure

You should check and adjust your tire pressure once a month. It could increase your fuel efficiency up to 3%. Get your own tire gauge and learn how to use it. You’ll only have to spend about a buck a month at the gas station to use the compressed air machine, and you’ll be able to keep your tires in perfect shape.

Battery Cables

Battery cables corroded? Learn how to clean them yourself or have someone clean them for you regularly. This helps ensure that the alternator doesn’t have to work harder than usual to function and guzzle away more gas.


You should check your car’s suspension periodically. Over time, misalignment, bent wheels and more can result in drag which reduces your fuel efficiency. Furthermore, these are things you should have fixed anyway because they can make your car unsafe for driving.

General Engine Care

If your car has a problem, get it fixed. Getting your car fixed after a failed emissions test or if you notice something is off can improve your gas mileage by 4% or more! Some major maintenance tasks such as fixing a faulty oxygen sensor can mean an improvement in gas efficiency of 40%. That means that you’ll likely notice a significant change if your car is experiencing a serious maintenance issue like this one. If you notice a change like this, make sure you take your car in right away!

What’s the moral of the story? All of the little things add up. While it may not sound like much, improving your fuel economy by 5% can result in equivalent savings of over 9 cents per gallon. Over time, that adds up to a dollar or more each time you fill your tank. When you think about the big picture, it all starts to make a big difference if you fill your tank once a week or more. So, take good care of your car and you’ll appreciate the great fuel economy it can afford you in return.

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