Your Auto Supply Store in Costa Mesa

Whether you’re a mechanic working at a shop or a capable do-it-yourselfer, you need reliable parts and supplies when you’re working on a car. In Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas, Hub Auto Supply is your number one choice for an excellent selection of car parts and products.

We’ve carefully built our team and inventory in Costa Mesa so that you can easily find even the most obscure and Original Equipment Manufacture parts. The helpful staff we keep on hand have years of experience in the car parts industry and can help you pinpoint the exact parts you need, not only helping you locate the part within our store, but giving you expert advice about what will work best for your car.

Due to our wide selection and unbeatable service in Costa Mesa, mechanics and car owners alike prefer Hub Auto Supply. What can you find with us? Take a look at our parts and product categories below:


Each make and model of a car is unique. What works for one model won’t work for another, even if they’re the same brand! At Hub Auto Supply in Costa Mesa, we’re highly aware of this and keep a wide variety of the same parts on hand so that you can find the exact solution you need for your car. We carry parts related to all sections of the car:

Air Conditioning

In Costa Mesa, California, air conditioning is simply not optional. When your AC is on the fritz and you need new parts, we’re ready with everything you need so that you can get back to enjoying cooler temperatures again. We carry everything from compressors, to driers and accumulators, expansion valves, condensers, evaporators, o-ring kits, switches and relays, refrigerants and lubricants. Our helpful staff can make suggestions for what might work best for your air conditioning repairs so that you and your passengers can get back to enjoying a cool ride as soon as possible.


An essential component of your car–if the clutch fails, you may end up stuck. We’ll help you get the parts you need so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. At Hub Auto Supply we carry clutch kits, flywheels, master cylinders, slave cylinders and clutch cables.


Whether you’re doing basic brakes maintenance or a complete replacement, we have what you need. At our supply store you’ll find brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums, wheel cylinders, lines/hoses, and sensors/seals.


Controlling your engine’s temperature and keeping the interior of your car toasty warm in cold weather are two important functions. Make sure your car is always running smoothly with cooling and heating parts from Hub Auto Supply. We’ve got new radiators, fan assemblies with shrouds, thermostats, belts/hoses, water pumps, fan clutches, heater cores, blower motors and control valves.

Drive Train

The drive train is another essential area of the car that transfers power from the transmission to the wheels. Get yours in working order with our large inventory of drivetrain parts including: new axle shafts, CV boots and rear axle bearings.

Engine Parts

The engine is the heart of your car. When the engine fails, you have a serious problems on your hands, and until it’s fixed, your car won’t move. At Hub Auto Supply you’ll find everything you need such as full gasket sets, tensioners and pulleys, all-in-one timing kits, timing belts and intake and exhaust gaskets.


The electrical system in a car is what starts it, and also runs important accessories like your power windows, the radio, lights and more. If your car needs electrical work, you may require some of the following parts: starters, alternators, relays, switches, window lift motors, headlights, bulbs and fuses.

Engine Management

Engine management acts as the brain in your car, coordinating the vehicle’s systems and helping achieve top performance. When you need engine management parts, we’ve got them. With us you’ll find oxygen sensors, sensors/relays, computers/modules, mass/air sensors, injectors/o-rings and idle air motors.


Whether you have a newer or older vehicle, keeping your steering and suspension in tip top shape is important. We have everything you need such as steering racks, power steering pumps and hoses, strut mounts, shocks and struts, control arms, special bushings, ball joints, tie rod assembly and tie rod ends.


A car’s start function runs from the ignition. Make sure it roars to life every time by keeping your ignition system in excellent condition. With us you’ll find spark plugs, caps and rotors, ignition wire sets, distributors, coils and direct ignition coils.


In addition to all of your car parts, we also carry all car related products such as batteries, fluids, filters and car care products. These small details make a big difference when working on your car. Some fluids, like oil, need to be changed regularly so that your car runs well. Whatever car related products you need, come by and ask us. We’ll help you find exactly what you need.

Why Choose Hub Auto Supply?

Hub Auto Supply has been serving Costa Mesa since 1958. We’ve seen the auto industry grow and change over the years, and we’ve kept up the pace by always updating and improving our inventory to better meet the needs of the mechanics and car owners we serve. You’ll find that our years of experience have strongly influenced our business. Not only do we carry just about every part and product available, we are also knowledgeable about them too. With Hub Auto Supply, you’ll get great products at affordable prices and outstanding service. Come find out for yourself!

Serving You in Costa Mesa

Our supply store is located right in Costa Mesa, at 2120 Harbor Boulevard. We invite you to come in and find out why Costa Mesa residents and mechanics have been choosing our store for decades! Come discover our unbeatable car part knowledge, same day car parts service and OEM, as well as hard to find car parts. When no one else can find it, we can. We look forward to serving you at our Costa Mesa location very soon.