A working air conditioner in your car makes everyone happy, and is a must during extreme weather. Hub Auto helps you correct both major and minor air conditioning issues with Orange County’s best selection of vehicle A/C components and replacement parts.

If you need OEM parts from the factory, aftermarket parts or hard-to-find items not in wide circulation, you’ll find them in our extensive inventory of domestic and foreign auto components. Whether you’re an expert mechanic or a novice, we have the expertise to help you complete any repair job and get your system running smoothly.

Some of The Trusted Brands We Carry


Auto Air Conditioner Compressors

Looking for the right compressor for your car? Hub Auto carries in-stock brand name and OEM replacement compressor units. Your compressor pressurizes the refrigerant in your A/C system, transforming it from a liquid to a gas. The compressor also controls the temperature of the air that reaches your vehicle’s interior. If it fails, you may find yourself suffering in a hot car.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your compressor leaks oil or refrigerant.
  • Your A/C unit makes too much noise.
  • Your unit’s performance is erratic or unreliable.
  • Your A/C won’t turn on or produce cool air.

Driers / Accumulators

If your vehicle’s A/C system has a thermal expansion valve, it will also have a drier. Your drier prevents any accumulation of moisture that might cause damage inside the system, in addition to filtering out any unwanted contaminants. In a vehicle A/C unit without a thermal expansion valve, the equivalent component is called an accumulator. Hub Auto carries a vast selection of drier & accumulator parts for old and new vehicles.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your A/C fails to perform adequately.
  • Your windshield or windows accumulate moisture, even when your defroster is turned on and working properly.

Expansion Valves

Your thermal expansion valve continually checks the temperature inside the system, as well as the pressure level. By doing this, it ensures that the proper amount of refrigerant reaches the evaporator from the condenser. If it were to fail, your A/C would not be able to get your car to the correct temperature every time, and could even fail to change the temperature at all. Hub Auto helps all drivers find the parts they need to repair or replace their thermal expansion valve, no matter what they drive.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your A/C fails to perform adequately.
  • Your unit clogs or accumulates dirt.


Your vehicle’s air conditioning condenser functions in a manner similar to a radiator. The condenser drains off the heat built up in the refrigerant and turns the refrigerant from a gas back into a liquid, enabling it to return to the compressor to create more cool air. When it fails, it’s usually because of a refrigerant leak or blockage. Hub Auto Supply offers a wide selection for all vehicles, including hard to find auto parts.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your A/C fails leaks.
  • Your A/C fails to perform adequately.
  • The condenser fins or tubes show signs of physical damage, corrosion or clogging.


Ever wonder how your car’s A/C actually makes the air feel cooler? Your evaporator (or evaporator core) eliminates moisture from incoming air, which makes it feel cooler and drier. Some larger passenger vehicles such as SUVs and vans feature a front and rear evaporator, instead of just a front-mounted unit. At Hub Auto Supply, we carry evaporator parts for all makes and models.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your A/C fails to perform adequately.

O-Ring Kits

Your vehicle’s A/C system often uses O-rings to secure the connection points between various hoses and hard components. An O-ring is a circular, flexible gasket used to seal a wide variety of connections. Early detection of a worn O-ring in a vehicle can often save you from expensive component failures. Come to Hub Auto to get the O-ring parts needed to keep your A/C unit running properly.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your unit leaks refrigerant.
  • The compressor or evaporator fails.
  • O-rings show signs of wear and tear.

Switches & Relays

You might find it difficult to operate your vehicle’s A/C system without its two important switches: the control switch and the pressure switch. The control switch lets you turn the system on and alter its settings. The pressure switch is a two-part setup that monitors the system’s pressure level in order to avoid compressor damage.

Your car’s relays are critical electrical switches that provide power to A/C components such as the compressor and the blower motor. When they start to fail, they can temporarily disrupt the function of the affected component. When relays completely fail, the affected component will stop working altogether. If you need to replace switches or relays, Hub Auto carries a complete selection to suit your needs.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Switches)

  • The A/C compressor won’t turn on.
  • You notice overheating of the switch or other A/C components.
  • You are unable to turn the system on or change its settings.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Relays)

  • The A/C compressor won’t turn on.
  • Your blower motor is inoperative.
  • One or more relays melt.


Refrigerants absorb and transfer heat as they travel through your A/C system, and are necessary for keeping you cool. Now that Freon is no longer in use, all modern vehicles use a substance called HFC-134a. Be sure to ask the experts at Hub Auto which is the right refrigerant for your vehicle. We’ll have the best product for keeping your cabin comfortable for a long time to come.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You notice a loss of interior cooling.
  • Your unit leaks refrigerant.


To keep the A/C compressor functioning, a lubricating oil is needed. This lubricant flows through the system with the refrigerant. When you need more lubricant for your compressor, call on the experts at Hub Auto. We’ll have the right product to keep your A/C running in peak condition.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • The compressor fails.
  • Your unit leaks refrigerant.

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