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For decades, automotive professionals and do-it-yourself mechanics have turned to Hub Auto for Orange County’s unmatched selection of brake system components. Professionals rely on us for an inventory that offers an extensive variety of parts for domestic and foreign vehicles of all makes, models and ages.

They also rely on us for speedy delivery of needed parts throughout the business day. In addition to taking advantage of our extensive inventory of OEM, aftermarket and hard-to-find parts, DIY enthusiasts of all levels of experience seek us out for advice on how to complete their brake-related projects accurately and safely.

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Brake Pads

When you step on your brakes, brake pads push against the brake rotors attached to your vehicle’s wheels, creating friction which enables you to slow down or stop. Brake pads consist of organic (non-metallic) materials such as Kevlar, rubber or glass; shavings of metallic materials such as bronze, steel or copper; or ceramic fibers. At Hub Auto, we carry a complete selection of brake pads to support all manufacturers. If you need new pads, you can expect that we’ll have the right product for you.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your brakes make a high-pitched squealing sound. (This comes from an exposed wire in a brake sensor).
  • Your brake warning light comes on (if you drive a vehicle equipped with an electronic monitoring system).


Brake shoes are similar to brake pads, but conform to a vehicle that features brake drums instead of brake rotors. Unlike pads, which are flat, shoes are curved to fit inside the cylindrical drums. Brake shoes include a steel base and a coating of friction-producing material on the braking surface.

Although most vehicles that employ shoes were made prior to 1999, Hub Auto carries a complete line of shoes that will work well with your vehicle. If you drive an older or a classic car, come on by and see what we have to offer.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your brakes make a high-pitched squealing sound. (This comes from an exposed wire in a brake sensor).
  • Your brake warning light comes on (if you drive a vehicle equipped with an electronic monitoring system).

Rotors & Drums

Rotors are the heart of a modern disc brake system. When you engage the brakes of a modern system, brake pads press against the rotors and the resulting pressure and friction reduce your speed. Most vehicles made after 1998 have rotors on all four wheels, while some older vehicles only have them on the front wheels.

Brake drums are cylindrical, metal housings connected to the hubs of your wheels. They typically appear on vehicles made before 1999. As you brake, friction and pressure between brake shoes and brake drums slow your vehicle down. Regardless what kind of brake rotor or drum your car uses, Hub Auto carries all varieties. Come by and ask our team to recommend a product that works for you.

Replacement Indicators (Rotors)

  • You notice a vibration when you apply the brakes.
  • You hear squeaking, scraping or squealing noises during braking.
  • You notice scoring or grooving on your rotors not produced by the manufacturing process.

Replacement Indicators (Drums)

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side during braking.
  • The rear of your vehicle shakes during braking.
  • Your rear brakes make noise during braking.

Wheel Cylinders

These components are a crucial part of the drum brakes installed on modern vehicles. Under hydraulic pressure, they push outward during braking and force each wheel’s brake shoes against the surface of the drum. At Hub Auto, we have a complete selection of cylinders that are appropriate for any vehicle with a drum braking system. Pay us a visit, and we will be happy to discuss options for you.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your system leaks brake fluid
  • Your brakes are not slowing you enough when you step on them.
  • One of your brake pedals feels soft or “mushy”.

Lines / Hoses

Your brake lines carry brake fluid from the master cylinder to each wheel. The hydraulic pressure produced by this fluid activates your vehicle’s rotors and/or brake drums. The term “brake line” applies to the steel version of these components, while the term “brake hose” applies to the rubber version. At Hub Auto, we carry both varieties, and are happy to help you find the selection that works best with your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your brakes don’t function.
  • You have a brake pedal that depresses all the way to the floor.
  • You notice brake fluid leaking on your wheels or near your vehicle.

Sensors / Seals

Brake sensors allow you to monitor the condition of your brakes without removing your wheels. They usually consist of a degradable plastic housing and an embedded wire. When your brake pads wear down to their allowable limit, the wire sticks out of the plastic housing and rubs against the brake rotor, causing a high-pitched squeal. This sound means that it’s time to replace your brake pads or shoes.

Seals play an important role in your braking system by keeping brake fluid contained in its proper place. They’re made from soft, flexible materials such as rubber or synthetics. Both disc brakes and drum brakes rely on functional seals to perform their jobs properly. Come to Hub Auto for a complete selection of seals for your system. At Hub Auto, we showcase all manner of seals and sensors, and offer excellent customer service to help you find the option your vehicle requires.

Replacement Indicator (Brake Sensors)

  • You hear a high-pitched squealing during braking.

Replacement Indicator (Brake Seals)

  • Your brake fluid is contaminated.
  • You notice brake fluid leaking on your wheels or near your vehicle.

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