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Your clutch system plays two main roles in the operation of your vehicle. First, it serves as the power transfer point between your engine and your transmission’s gearbox. It also allows you to temporarily suspend the connection between your engine and transmission while shifting gears up or down. If your clutch slips or fails, you will be unable to shift to the gear that you want, and you may end up stranded.

Whether you need individual clutch parts or a complete clutch kit, Hub Auto is Orange County’s premier choice for both do-it-yourselfers and professional mechanics. Our huge selection includes components for any vehicle, new or old, foreign or domestic.

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Clutch Kits

A clutch kit contains the parts needed to fully replace the heart of your vehicle’s clutch system. All kits contain the basics, including a driven plate/clutch plate and a pressure plate equipped with coil springs or a diaphragm. In addition, some packages contain other secondary components such as bushings or bearings.

Some vehicle manufacturers recommend installing a new clutch kit whenever you have a worn driven plate/clutch plate. That’s because serious wear in this part often indicates the presence of significant wear in other main parts of the system. At Hub Auto, we can help you determine whether a kit is the right investment for you, and if so, we will help you find the best kit option for your vehicle.


This component is attached to your engine’s crankshaft. When you disengage your clutch (i.e., release your clutch pedal), the flywheel comes into direct contact with another component called the driven plate or clutch plate. In turn, the driven plate extends this contact to a transmission component called the pressure plate.

It is this three-way contact that ultimately sends power from your engine to your vehicle’s wheels. When you engage your clutch, the flywheel and the driven plate separate and power transfer temporarily ceases. When you are looking to replace your flywheel, come to Hub Auto; we have the best selection, and the customer service you need.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You experience difficulty shifting gears, delays when shifting, or unwanted shifting.
  • Your engine RPM suddenly rises or falls without explanation.
  • Your clutch grinds when changing gears, or fails to shift to first gear.

Master Cylinders

The master cylinder is the main fluid reservoir for your clutch system. When you depress the clutch pedal, this cylinder transforms your foot’s pressure into hydraulic pressure, sending brake fluid through connected hoses to the system’s slave cylinder. In turn, the slave cylinder exerts the pressure needed to activate the clutch and suspend the contact between your engine and transmission.

If your master cylinder has damage or a leak, you will lose your ability to shift gears. Call Hub Auto; we have the best options on the market for replacing master cylinders, and we’re happy to offer you excellent customer service to help you find them.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your clutch pedal sticks to the floor.
  • Your clutch fluid is low or leaking.
  • You experience an inability to shift gears.

Slave Cylinders

There are two main types of slave cylinder in a clutch system: internal and external. With an external slave cylinder system, when the master cylinder sends pressure to the slave cylinder, it extends a rod, which then turns a fork, which then disengages the clutch. In an internal (or concentric) slave cylinder system, the cylinder is attached directly to the clutch shaft.

In this design, there is no need for a fork, because the hydraulic pressure applied by the slave cylinder disengages the clutch directly. Both types of systems rely on airtight hoses and seals to maintain the right hydraulic pressure. This is needed so that the clutch responds correctly when you apply pressure to it. At Hub Auto, we carry an extensive selection of these components to ensure you successful maintenance and repairs.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • The clutch makes noise when you engage it.
  • Your clutch fluid is low or leaking.
  • Your clutch fluid shows signs of contamination.

Clutch Cables

If you have a mechanical clutch, this braided steel cable serves as the connection point between the clutch pedal and the operating linkage. The cable disengages the linkage when you depress your clutch. It engages the linkage when you take your foot off your clutch. If it becomes damaged or detached, come to Hub Auto. We would be happy to recommend the best option for replacement for you.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your clutch pedal is unusually hard or stiff.
  • Your clutch pedal sinks all the way to the floorboards when engaged.
  • You notice gear slippage, especially when accelerating and placing a heavy strain on your engine.

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