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Your vehicle relies on its cooling system to dissipate the tremendous amount of heat that builds up when your engine burns fuel. The heating system in your vehicle helps keep the interior comfortable in cold weather. Problems in your vehicle’s cooling/heating system can lead to everything from an uncomfortable interior to poor performance and serious breakdowns.

Hub Auto maintains Orange County’s largest, most comprehensive inventory of cooling and heating components for late-model vehicles and older vehicles. Our vast selection includes OEM factory parts, as well as aftermarket parts and hard-to-find components you might have difficulty tracking down anywhere else. Both first-time do-it-yourselfers and seasoned mechanics will appreciate our professional staff’s expert parts selection advice and installation knowhow.

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New Radiators

Your vehicle’s radiator is basically a heat exchanger that prevents your engine from exceeding its maximum operating temperature. Coolant fluid heated by the engine travels through this component’s assembly of tubes and thin fins. This process cools down the fluid, which gets sent back to the engine to absorb more heat. If your radiator fails, you will not be able to drive your car for long, or on hot days. Come to Hub Auto, and explore the many options available for replacing this critical part of your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your coolant is sludgy.
  • Your vehicle constantly overheats.
  • Coolant leaks beneath your vehicle.
  • You notice an unexplained drop in your coolant levels.

Fan Assembles w/ Shrouds

The fan helps regulate temperature by blowing on the coolant passing through the radiator. Rear-wheel drive vehicles rely on engine power to activate the fan assembly. Due to positioning requirements inside the engine compartment, front-wheel drive vehicles rely on electric power instead. At Hub Auto, we have all the components needed for your fan assembly, including shrouds. Come by and talk to our expert staff to learn more about our products and make a selection that works for you.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine overheats.
  • Your fan fails to turn on.
  • Your fan blows its fuse circuit.


This component has two basic jobs: getting your engine up to operating temperature and making sure your engine doesn’t get too hot. It performs these jobs by opening and closing a valve that controls the flow of coolant to the radiator. When the thermostat fails, as you can imagine, your car will get too hot. At Hub Auto, we have all the parts you need to repair or replace your thermostat.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine overheats.
  • Your engine temperature fluctuates rapidly.
  • Coolant leaks beneath your vehicle or at your thermostat.

Belts / Hoses

Belts are required to operate several key parts of your cooling/heating system. Prime examples include your water pump and your fan assembly. In some modern vehicles, a single serpentine belt controls functions throughout the engine, including some cooling/heating functions.

Your cooling system also uses rubber hoses to channel the coolant needed to control your engine’s temperature. One branch of the system runs from the upper end of the radiator to the upper end of the engine. Another branch runs between the lower end of the radiator and the water pump. We carry a full line of belts and hoses at Hub Auto, so when you need one of these components to complete a repair, our team here is happy to offer advice and product recommendations.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine overheats.
  • Your engine temperature fluctuates rapidly.
  • Coolant leaks beneath your vehicle or at your thermostat.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Belts)

  • You notice signs of fraying or cracking in a given belt.
  • Squealing sounds come from one or more sections of your engine compartment.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Hoses)

  • Your coolant leaks.
  • You notice signs of cracking or bulging.
  • Steam rises from your engine compartment.

Water Pumps

This component creates coolant flow between your engine and radiator. A direct connection to the engine’s drive belt ensures that the pump operates at all times. Without a functioning water pump, your vehicle’s cooling/heating system cannot do its job. At Hub Auto, we carry a variety of water pumps; call us or stop by for a recommendation on the perfect product for your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine overheats.
  • Steam rises from your radiator.
  • You have poor heater or A/C performance.

Fan Clutches

Fan assemblies in rear-wheel drive vehicles are equipped with a fan clutch. This component sits directly in the stream of air passing through the radiator. It engages and disengages under the control of the thermostat. Hub Auto carries a complete line of fan clutches to meet your vehicle’s demands. Come by, and we’ll be happy to help.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine overheats.
  • Your fan is unusually loud.
  • You notice a loss of acceleration, engine power or fuel economy.

Heater Cores

This component is commonly described as a mini-radiator. That’s because it operates in the same manner as a radiator while providing your vehicle with its interior heating and defrosting functions. Coolant flowing through the core regulates the available temperature. For replacement parts, come to Hub Auto, where we carry everything that you need to complete your repair project. Our staff knows just what you need.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your heating doesn't work.
  • You go through a lot of coolant.
  • You lack adequate defrosting.

Blower Motors

This electric component also forms part of the heating side of the system. When you turn on your heater, it’s responsible for pushing warm air into your vehicle’s interior. A speed control helps regulate the airflow. Come to Hub Auto to find the best possible replacement part for this component. Our expert staff will graciously advise you on repairs, parts, and maintenance.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your heater has poor airflow, or none at all.
  • You lose one or more blower speed levels.


This component sits between your engine and the heater core. It controls the flow of coolant through the core, and therefore helps control your vehicle’s interior heating and defrosting functions. Problems in the heating control valve can affect both the heating and cooling sides of the system. Hub Auto carries an excellent variety of control valves, and we are always ready to help you find what you need.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your coolant leaks.
  • Your heater doesn’t work.
  • Your heater performance is unpredictable.

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