The drivetrain in your vehicle is a group of connected components that make it possible to transfer power from your transmission to your wheels. The specific parts found in the drivetrain of a rear-wheel drive vehicle differ from the parts found in the drivetrain of a front-wheel drive vehicle. In Orange County, professional mechanics and do-it-yourself enthusiasts turn to Hub Auto for top-quality drivetrain components at an affordable price.

Whether you’re working on an older domestic or foreign vehicle, or a newer model with 21st century technology, you’ll find everything you need to carry out timely, cost-effective repairs and replacements. As always, our expert staff is happy to assist you with your selections or answer questions about drivetrains or any other automotive topic under the sun.

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New Axle Shafts

The axles on your vehicle are the transverse-mounted shafts that connect the main structure of the drivetrain to the wheels. They perform multiple essential roles. First, they transfer the power and torque generated by the engine to the front or rear wheels. They also directly or indirectly carry all of the weight of the vehicle itself, as well as any passengers and cargo.

In addition, your axles must bear the force generated when you drive at high speeds or hit your brakes. Finally, these components play an important part in vehicle steering and basic vehicle control. We carry drive axles and dead axles, as well as semi-floating and full-floating axles at Hub Auto. Ask our experts which brand and assembly is right for your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your vehicle makes a clunking sound when you put it in gear.
  • Your vehicle makes a clicking noise when you make a turn (a drive axle problem).
  • When you drive straight, make a turn or hit the brakes, you notice widespread vehicle vibrations.

CV Boots

The CV boot is a grease-filled rubber housing that protects the CV joint from damaging contaminant exposure. CV (constant velocity) Joints are so named because they allow the driveshaft to maintain constant velocity when changing angles, instead of losing power. Protecting these joints from wear is important for the long term performance of your drivetrain. Hub Auto carries an extensive array of CV Boots, and we are happy to help you find the right product for your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You notice vibrations that start in the CV axle.
  • You hear clicking sounds when you turn. (This is a sign of a torn CV boot and loose CV joint.)
  • Your CV Joints leak grease (especially on the wheel, but also possibly on the chassis or in other under-vehicle locations).

Rear Axle Bearings

These components bear the weight of a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a semi-floating axle, and they allow the wheels to spin. They come in three basic forms: a ball, a straight roller, and a tapered roller. The type and size of the rear axle bearing you need will depend on the make and model of your vehicle and the diameter of the axle shafts. At Hub Auto, we carry all three varieties and can advise you on choosing the best option.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You notice blue or purple marks on the bearing rollers.
  • You notice scoring, pitting or chipping on the bearing rollers.
  • You Notice rumbling or growling sounds while driving at highway speed. (They may grow louder or quieter when you change lanes.)

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