Your vehicle’s electrical system provides the juice needed to start the engine, operate the main powered components, and run various powered accessories. The system starts with your battery and includes two other primary components: the starter and the alternator. A number of secondary parts also keep the system functioning properly. As with so many other automotive systems, failure in one main component can have a snowball effect on the operation of every connected part.

At Hub Auto, you’ll find the key components you need to restore your vehicle’s electrical system to proper working order. No matter the make or model of your domestic or foreign car, truck or SUV, you’ll find a huge selection of manufacturer-specified OEM parts, aftermarket upgrades and hard-to-find parts you’ll never see on the shelves of your typical auto parts store.

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When you turn your key in the ignition, the starter motor activates and provides the initial surge of power needed to start the engine. When the engine turns over, the starter disengages and fuel supplies the power needed for ongoing operation. Wear and tear to the starter can damage the motor, as well as another important component called the solenoid. Hub Auto carries these parts, and offers excellent customer service for you in selecting the part you need for your current project.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Nothing happens when your turn the ignition key.
  • The starter activates, but the engine doesn’t start.
  • A grinding sound occurs when you turn the ignition key.


The alternator serves as a power generator for your vehicle’s electrical system. When your engine is on, this component keeps your battery charged and sends its additional power output to other parts of the system. Alternators don’t require maintenance, but will typically wear out in anywhere from eight to 12 years.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your Check Battery light comes on.
  • Your lights flicker or are unusually dim.
  • You have a frequent need to jumpstart your vehicle.


Wherever they’re located in your vehicle, relays play a crucial role by allowing low-amperage circuits to control higher-amperage circuits. Your electrical system relies on these components to do such things as activate the ignition and turn headlights on and off. Failure of a relay will produce problems in the associated circuit.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your battery is drained.
  • Your vehicle suddenly stalls.
  • Both headlights fail simultaneously.


Switches in your vehicle’s electrical system allow you to turn various components and component pathways on and off. The most important of these parts is the ignition switch, which has three positions and progressively turns on the vehicle’s electrical accessories, fuel and ignition systems, and engine. Other switches in the system include the power window switches, headlight dimmer switches and door lock switches. Each of these switches has different symptoms indicating the need for replacement.

If you think a switch may be failing in your vehicle, you can consult our experts here at Hub Auto. We have a detailed list of symptoms for all the switches in your vehicle, and carry a complete line of switches when it is time to replace them.

Window Lift Motors

The vast majority of all newer vehicles have power windows. For their function, these windows rely on the lowering and raising actions of the window regulator assembly (also known as the window regulator motor or the window lift motor). The motor and assembly are separate components in some vehicles. However, other vehicles combine these components, which means you need to replace both of them when failures occur.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • One window won’t stay up, or remain level.
  • Your windows operate faster or slower than normal.
  • You hear clicking sounds when you raise or lower a window.


Your headlights provide powerful illumination through special high-intensity bulbs. In some cases, these bulbs are removable components that sit inside a permanent headlight housing. However, some vehicles have sealed headlights with integrated bulbs. All kinds of headlights come in a wide range of configurations that vary with vehicle make and model. Typically, you should replace both headlights whenever one stops functioning properly.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your headlights fail completely.
  • Your headlights are unusually dim.
  • Your headlights flicker instead of operating constantly.


Your car makes use of countless bulbs to keep your exterior (and even interior) lights operating. Headlights, brake lights, running lights, and other lights typically require bulbs, and when bulbs burn out (or start to dim or flicker), it is likely time to replace them. Typically, you should replace both bulbs in a pair of lights whenever one stops functioning properly.

At Hub Auto, we are well aware of the wide variety of bulbs employed by various manufacturers and models. You can expect that we will carry the ones you need and that we will help you find them.


Fuses play an important role in any electrical system by preventing circuit overloads. In a vehicle, these components usually take the form of a strip of wire in a plastic housing. When too much current passes through a circuit, this wire cuts off electrical access by melting or breaking. This process protects all downstream components from damage. Once the fuse breaks, it’s easy to tell, because you will no longer have power in the function or electrical accessory associated with the fuse. You can also notice blown fuses by opening the fuse box.

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