Engine management systems are the brain of the modern-day automotive engine. By coordinating all of a vehicle’s systems, they allow today’s car and truck engines to achieve levels of performance, efficiency and emissions control that were once unimaginable. However, each part of the engine management chain must do its job well for the entire system to function.

Failure of just one component can limit the performance of your vehicle, or even make it impossible to drive. Hub Auto leads the way for Orange County in providing engine management components for domestic and foreign vehicles of all makes and models. We feature a vast selection, and offer same-day delivery. And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, we provide advice on selection and installation.

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Your oxygen sensor sits in your engine’s exhaust stream. When your engine is running, this sensor continuously measures the engine’s exhaust gases and sends these readings to the vehicle’s control unit/computer. Your computer then uses this data to make real-time decisions on the right fuel/air ratio for peak engine performance. It’s a good idea to test these sensors regularly to ensure that they are working properly. Should you need a new one, Hub Auto carries a complete line, including sensors used by all major manufacturers.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your vehicle’s Check Engine light comes on.
  • Your engine misfires, or idles roughly.
  • You have poor gas mileage.

Sensor / Relays

Your engine management system also contains a number of other important sensors, including coolant sensors that monitor engine temperature, throttle position sensors that monitor the engine’s throttle setting, vehicle speed sensors, and crankshaft position sensors. Hub Auto carries all of these units, and we are happy to help you find the one that fits your vehicle.

We also stock a vast assortment of relays. Engine relays are essentially power transfer components. When a given relay receives an electric charge, it sends power to a connected part of your engine that requires power to operate.

Replacement Indicators (Main Engine Relay)

  • Your Check Engine light comes on.
  • Your engine starts up, then quickly dies.
  • Your engine will not start.

Replacement Indicators (Starter Relay)

  • Your starter makes clicking noises.
  • You experience random problems starting your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle will not start.
  • The starter motor doesn’t turn off after ignition.

Computers / Modules

The engine control module provides the main computer functions for essentially every modern vehicle on the road today. These functions can cover everything from the quality of your engine performance to basic drivability. Additional names for this component include the powertrain control module and the engine control unit. No matter its name, you will be able to find a replacement at Hub Auto.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your Check Engine light comes on.
  • Your engine performs poorly.
  • Your engine misfires or stalls out.

Mass / Air Sensors

Mass/air sensors, or mass airflow sensors, are another type of crucial measuring component inside your engine. This sensor takes readings of the amount of air entering your engine. It sends this information to the main computer module, which uses the data to determine your engine’s current working load. If it fails, your computer may not be able to properly form a good mixture of gas and air, preventing smooth operation. Ask us which mass airflow sensor is right for your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine stalls out or idles roughly.
  • Your engine runs too lean or too rich.
  • Your engine runs too lean with the gas pedal engaged, or too rich while idling.

Injectors / O-Rings

Fuel injectors play a crucial role in motor function by spraying fuel into your engine. This process happens in a controlled manner under the guidance of the engine control module. This computer controls both the timing and pattern of fuel injector operation. Heavy-duty rubber or polyurethane O-rings seal each injector in its place inside the engine compartment. From time to time, injectors and O-Rings wear out; count on Hub Auto to carry the replacement part for each component.

Fuel Injector Replacement Indicators

  • Your Check Engine light comes on.
  • You smell fuel in the engine compartment.
  • Your engine loses power, accelerates poorly, runs inefficiently, or misfires.

Fuel Injector O-Ring Replacement Indicators

  • Your engine misfires, starts with difficulty, accelerates poorly, or loses power.
  • You smell fuel in the engine compartment or it's leaking.

Idle Air Motors

Idle air sensor control motors, also called idle air control valves, are found in all vehicles with a fuel injection system. Under the guidance of the engine control module, they regulate the idling speed of your engine and adjust this speed when required. They do this by altering the amount of air that bypasses the throttle plate. When your idle air motor is no longer working, we will help you find the best possible replacement.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine idles roughly.
  • Your engine stalls.

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