Hub Auto stocks a wide range of miscellaneous parts and accessories for your vehicle. These items fill a variety of needs, from supporting basic vehicle function to allowing you to work on your vehicle in comfort and safety.

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If you’ve ever had wiper blades wear out, you know how important it is to replace them quickly. Severe weather conditions may cause your blades to crack, warp or even melt. At Hub Auto, we carry a complete line of all three varieties of blades: Frame-Style Wipers , Beam-Style Wipers, and Winter Wipers. The professionals at Hub Auto will offer plenty of wisdom for choosing the right wiper blades.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You notice streaking on your windshield during wiper operation.
  • Wipers make a screeching noise during operation.
  • Your blades bounce during operation.

Hood Supports / Lifts

If your vehicle features a hood support, then you know it contains a small cylinder, typically filled with a charged gas, that extends under pressure when you lift your hood. A fully functional hood lift/support will only close when you apply downward force on the hood. However, a leak in the cylinder seal will cause the hood to slowly drop or slam, or may fail to support the hood at all.

Hub Auto carries hood lifts/supports for all vehicles that incorporate this feature in their design. Our inventory includes OEM parts that meet all factory specifications, as well as aftermarket products and hard-to-find lift supports for older, rare or classic vehicles. Choose from single items or complete hood lift kits.

Latex Gloves

If you work on a vehicle for any amount of time, you’ll almost certainly come into contact with toxic chemicals that can harm you if they get in your eyes or mouth. In addition, auto work frequently exposes you to parts with sharp edges or requires you to work with sharp, potentially dangerous tools.

A good pair of latex gloves can protect your skin from physical harm and help you avoid hazardous chemical exposure. The best latex gloves are not very expensive, and they resist easy puncturing, prevent exposure to toxic chemicals, and allow you to use your hands freely while working with your tools. At Hub Auto, we carry only high-quality gloves that meet these essential specifications.

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