At Hub Auto, we carry Orange County’s most complete selection of steering and suspension replacement parts for your newer or older model vehicle. Whether you’re a first-time do-it-yourselfer or an experienced mechanic, we’ll help you find just the OEM, aftermarket or hard-to-find part you need to complete your current project.

We’ll also provide you with detailed advice on part selection and installation. Professional mechanics will especially appreciate our rapid delivery services and vast inventory of steering and suspension components for both domestic and foreign vehicles.

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Steering Racks

The steering rack/gearbox forms the heart of a modern rack and pinion steering system. It receives turning information from your steering wheel through your steering column. It then sends this information to the rest of the system. Steering rack failures can be highly dangerous, and you should replace a worn-out component as soon as possible.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You notice a smell like burning oil.
  • Your steering wheel is extremely tight.
  • You notice a grinding sound when you turn your steering wheel.

Power Steering Pumps & Hoses

In a vehicle with hydraulic power steering, the power steering pump channels fluid from a reservoir to the steering rack. This gearbox then produces the pressure needed to turn your wheels.

A high-pressure power steering hose carries power steering fluid to the rack from the pump. A low-pressure hose carries fluid back to the pump from the rack. We carry all of these parts at Hub Auto, and our staff knows our selection well. You can expect the best possible recommendation.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Pumps)

  • You notice an unusually slow or stiff steering wheel response.
  • You hear a whining noise when you turn your steering wheel.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Hoses)

  • Your steering fluid leaks.
  • You have difficulty steering properly.
  • Your steering fluid level is unusually low.

Strut Mounts

Strut mounts are the components that connect each strut to your vehicle. In addition, they help dampen vibration and limit tire noise. Some versions of this component also provide a pivot point for steering. At Hub Auto, we carry all major types and brands of strut mounts.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You notice fluid leaks.
  • You have a bouncy or unstable ride.
  • You notice uneven or excessive tire wear.

Shocks & Struts

Shock absorbers are gas- or liquid-filled cylindrical containers that sit between your vehicle frame and suspension. They use a piston action to absorb various jolts and bumps as you drive. Vehicles made before 1995 typically have shocks on all four wheels, while newer vehicles have shocks on the rear wheels and struts on the front wheels.

Struts, like shock absorbers, provide support and absorb various road impacts. However, unlike shocks, struts actually form a structural part of your vehicle’s suspension. They also help steer your vehicle. Each strut has two parts: a shock absorber and a coil spring. Hub Auto carries a complete line of shocks and struts. Ask our team to recommend the right unit for your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Shocks)

  • You have a bouncy or unstable drive.
  • Occasionally your tires lose contact with the road.
  • You experience unusually hard impacts from road bumps.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Struts)

  • You notice fluid leaks.
  • You notice uneven or excessive tire wear.

Control Arms

Control arms, also known as A-arms, play a vital role in vehicle suspension. They form the connection points between your vehicle’s chassis and the steering knuckles and hub of each wheel. Bushings and ball joints allow control arms to flex and move as road conditions change. If you start to notice signs of wear, come to Hub Auto; we will help you find replacement parts to get your steering stable again.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your steering “wanders”.
  • You notice unusual clunking sounds.
  • You notice unusual steering wheel vibrations.

Special Bushings

No matter where they’re located in your vehicle, all bushings perform two important jobs: providing stability at connection points and absorbing unwanted vibration. Several parts of your steering/suspension system require special bushings to operate properly. Key examples include the steering rack and the control arms. For these or other bushings, come to Hub Auto, and we will provide the parts you need.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Steering Rack Bushings)

  • Your steering column makes a clunking noise.
  • You notice jerky or inconsistent steering wheel movement.
  • You hear a popping or clicking noise during steering wheel movement.

Primary Replacement Indicators (Control Arm Bushings)

  • You experience steering difficulties.
  • Road bumps feel bigger than they are.
  • You notice clunking sounds and vibrations when passing over bumps.

Ball Joints

Ball joints are spherical bearings that sit inside a socket. They operate in a manner similar to your hip joints and allow your vehicle’s suspension to move vertically, as well as back and forth. Ball joints are usually found on your front wheels, although some high-performance cars also have rear suspension joints. Hub Auto carries a complete line of these items to help you attain optimum performance.

  • Your steering “wanders” to one side.
  • You experience excessive front-end vibration.
  • You notice unusual front-end clunking sounds.

Tie Rod Assembly & Tie Rod Ends

Tie rods run from your vehicle’s steering rack to the steering knuckles on your front wheels. They allow you to turn your wheels and steer. Each tie rod assembly has an inner and outer end.

Tie rod ends physically attach your wheels to your steering/suspension system. Most tie rod damage occurs in bushings located in the tie rod ends. However, you must replace all parts of a tie rod end, not just the damaged bushings during repairs. Come to Hub Auto for advice on the proper tie rod assembly for your vehicle, and get some notes on how to complete repairs accurately.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You have a misaligned front end.
  • You notice shaky or loose steering.
  • You notice excessive, uneven tire wear.

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