Hub Auto meets all of your vehicle battery needs with Orange County’s largest selection of models designed for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs and personal watercraft. We also carry the heavy-duty batteries needed for 18-wheelers and other long-haul trucks.

Our expert staff can help you find the specific battery you need for your older or newer vehicle, whether foreign or domestic. Brands we carry include Bosch, Deka and Optima.

Some of The Trusted Brands We Carry


Car Batteries

Automobiles typically use one of five different types of battery, and Hub Auto carries all five. The wet/flooded battery is a sealed battery that contains two plates suspended in a liquid. The liquid remains sealed until the battery dies, and the unit requires no maintenance. The calcium-calcium battery employs a calcium alloy on each plate, which slows down fluid loss, and thus the rate of discharge. The valve-regulated acid battery (or VLRM), available in AGM and GEL varieties, makes use of pressurized safety valves to control fluid loss.

The other two kinds are more common in electric vehicles: deep cycle and lithium ion batteries. Deep cycle batteries can recover completely after longer discharges, though the operator may have to drive the vehicle for longer to recoup the charge. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and mainly used in high-performance vehicles, and they are quite expensive. Hub Auto carries all of these options, and we can recommend a brand and type that fits the working parameters of your vehicle. The distance you travel and how you use your battery are critical factors we consider in helping make a selection that will keep your engine running for a long time.

Commercial Batteries

If you’re in a line of work that involves driving heavy trucks or cargo vans, large buses, or earth-moving equipment, you will need a battery suitable for commercial hauling. Such operation often involves long-distance travel, heavy engine vibration, deep cycle use, and severe temperatures. Come to Hub Auto, where you will find a complete selection of commercial batteries for meeting a wide array of vehicles. Our staff knows exactly what you need to power your large vehicle.


If you drive a pickup truck, you know very well that your truck battery requires a specific CCA rating. Whether you run headlights while working at night, or for the radio, or perhaps a winch, you must choose a battery that can handle all features you use while your motor is off. Hub Auto can help you select a battery that enables you to use deep cycle features while your engine is off, while still allowing you to start your truck engine, and then restore your battery to a full charge. Talk to our staff about battery options for your truck or oversized vehicle.

Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle batteries come in four types. Conventional motorcycle batteries require you to add water and battery acid, and they have a higher rate of discharge. Maintenance free batteries are completely sealed, so they do not have to be maintained. They tend to last longer than conventional batteries, and are more expensive.

Maintenance free dry charge batteries are just like maintenance free batteries, except that they require you to add battery acid (only one time) before you can use them. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are virtually maintenance free, but they are also more stable, and have a much longer service life. Talk to the experts at Hub Auto for help in choosing a battery for your motorcycle that fits your budget and usage requirements.

Seadoo Batteries

There are many brands and types of personal watercraft. However, most batteries fit into two categories, which reflect the type of engine the craft uses: 2-stroke, and 4-stroke. The 2-stroke and 4-stroke batteries have different sizes and system requirements. Both types tend to wear out more often, because watercraft are typically not used daily, or even weekly.

Keeping in mind your frequency of use, and your engine requirements, talk to the experts at Hub Auto for specific information about the battery that is best for you. We have an extensive collection of batteries for personal watercraft, and our staff will help you make the best possible selection.


RV owners rely on batteries often, because many features of the RV require electricity when the motor is off. RVs typically use lead acid batteries, of two different types. The starter battery is specifically designed for the RV motor, and has a CCA rating associated with it, like any car battery.

But RVs also have house batteries, which are deep cycle batteries. These house batteries run for longer periods while the motor is off, and thus require thicker plates. They are designed to discharge a lot of power while still being able to recover all of their charge when you start your engine or plug in your electrical connection. At Hub Auto, we carry RV Batteries that work well in models made by all RV manufacturers. Talk to our experts when the time comes to replace them.

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