Filters are some of the most important components in your vehicle. If a filter gets too dirty or develops a clog, it can undermine the performance of the system it serves, and even cause damage. To avoid these expensive repair costs, you can easily maintain your vehicle by replacing your filters regularly.

At Hub Auto, we house Orange County’s largest selection of oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, transmission filters and cabin filters. Whether your vehicle is old or new, foreign or domestic, common or upscale, we’ve got the right filter for you.

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Oil Filters

Most automobile owners understand how critical it is to replace oil filters regularly. They prevent the accumulation of particles in your motor oil, which in turn prevents any particle-related damage inside the oil pump and on various engine surfaces. Modern oil filters are housed in a metal can sealed on one end with a gasket.

Your oil pump drives oil through small holes into the filter interior, thus forcing the cleansed oil out through a central hole, and into your engine. If we know what kind of vehicle you drive, we can help you choose the right oil and filter for your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • The engine sputters.
  • Your engine performs poorly.
  • You notice a drop in normal oil pressure.
  • Your exhaust is black, with a smell of burning oil.

Air Filters

Your vehicle’s engine runs on a mixture of fuel and air. You can’t channel unfiltered air directly to your engine, because it can contain a broad range of harmful contaminants, including insects and road debris. On the other hand, you can’t overly restrict the flow of air to your engine, because insufficient airflow will degrade engine performance.

Without a healthy air filter, you will find yourself spending more and more money on gasoline, while losing power at the same time. Check out Hub Auto’s selection of air filters. We have the knowledge to help you with this routine maintenance task.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine misses or misfires.
  • Your exhaust has a sooty smoke.
  • You notice a slipping or “coughing” sound when idling.
  • Your vehicle produces a gasoline smell when you start it.

Fuel Filters

Virtually all vehicles employ a fuel filter to prevent contaminants in your vehicle’s fuel from entering the fuel system or the engine. This filtering action helps preserve the function of the fuel system and helps prevent fuel-related engine damage.

If your fuel filter gets too dirty, it will lose its ability to trap contaminant particles. An extremely dirty filter may even limit the flow of fuel to the engine. The experts at Hub Auto will have the right fuel filter for your vehicle. Ask us to help you find it.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • Your engine misfires.
  • You have difficulty starting the engine.
  • The engine loses acceleration or power.
  • Your Check Engine light comes on.

Transmission Filters

Did you know that your transmission fluid requires a filter? Your transmission filter traps the tiny metal shavings and particles created by normal wear, preventing them from recirculating into the transmission and damaging it.

The filter, along with the gasket, pickup tube, and seal, form the core of a mini-system that keep your transmission from leaking while protecting it from wear. Usually an owner replaces all these components at the same time. At Hub Auto, we carry all of the parts you need.

Cabin Filters

Your cabin air must pass through a filter to keep it clean. It traps pollen, dust and any other particles that could degrade the quality of your interior air. When it’s not working properly, you may be in for an unpleasant ride. At Hub Auto, we have all of the best options for cabin filters, including the one for your vehicle.

Primary Replacement Indicators:

  • You notice a lack of sufficient interior airflow.
  • Strange smells come through your vents while running the A/C or heat.

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