Fluids are absolutely critical to the smooth operation of your car, truck or SUV. In fact, without the presence of the right fluids in your engine, transmission and power steering system, your vehicle won’t work at all. In addition to essential items such as motor oil, transmission fluid. Drivers also have available to them a number of additives for improving vehicle performance. These additional fluids can increase engine efficiency or provide other important benefits.

Hub Auto carries a comprehensive selection of fluids for your older or late-model car, truck or SUV. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, you’ll find what you need to properly maintain your engine and transmission. You’ll also find a full range of gasoline additives, diesel fuel additives, and cooling system additives.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer unfamiliar with the wide array of available options, we’ll happily offer advice and help you make a selection. And if you’re a more experienced mechanic, we will help you identify the product that satisfies the requirements of your current repair project.

Some of The Trusted Brands We Carry


Motor Oil

The motor oil in your vehicle performs several critical functions. First, it lubricates various engine components and minimizes the power-draining, heat-building effects of friction. In addition to lubricating, the film created by motor oil protects components by preventing them from coming into direct contact while moving. Circulating oil also helps keep your engine clean by preventing deposit formation and transporting contaminants to the oil filter. Finally, motor oil provides most of the cooling for engine components such as the camshaft, crankshaft, pistons and timing gears.

Most new vehicles come equipped with conventional motor oil. However, high-tech vehicles may require a full synthetic oil with a higher performance rating. Many SUV and truck drivers prefer a synthetic blend oil, which provides greater high-load protection than conventional oil, but costs less than full synthetic oil. Whether you choose a conventional, full synthetic or synthetic blend product, you must match it to the viscosity recommendation in your vehicle owner’s manual. Hub Auto carries motor oil brands of all types and viscosities, and our staff helps countless drivers by recommending products that suit their engines.

Transmission Oil

The main job of transmission fluid is to lubricate the transmission’s moving internal components. Additional tasks performed by this fluid include cleaning and protecting component surfaces, cooling down your transmission, conditioning the transmission gaskets, and increasing the transmission’s operating temperature range and rotational speed. All automatic transmissions use the same basic automatic transmission fluid. However, a manual transmission may use automatic transmission fluid, a heavyweight transmission oil or the same motor oil found in your engine.

Fuel Cleaners / Additives

Fuel cleaners are added to your vehicle’s gas tank in order to achieve the best possible performance from the fuel injectors, which control the amount and timing of fuel entering the engine. When they do their job properly, these injectors minimize the amount of fuel your engine burns, increase your engine’s overall efficiency and reduce your vehicle’s emission of toxic gases. Fuel cleaners can help you avoid several fuel injector-related problems, including blockages, residue buildup, nozzle leaks and injectors that fail to open or close properly.

Other common, useful fuel additives for gasoline-powered vehicles include:

  • Octane Boosters
  • Fuel Stabilizers
  • Gas Treatments
  • Fuel System Cleaners

Diesel Fuel Additives

Diesel fuel additives can perform a variety of important tasks inside diesel engines. They’re more common than gasoline additives, in part because diesel fuel goes through less refining than gas, and therefore comes with a higher risk for impurities. In addition, diesel fuel has built-in chemical properties that can make these additives more beneficial. Some additives only provide one or two of these benefits, and some provide several.

You can use a diesel additive to:

  • Stabilize your fuel
  • Purge water from your fuel
  • Provide top cylinder lubrication
  • Keep the fuel injectors clean and prevent engine deposits

Cooling Additives

Cooling system additives help you control engine temperatures by improving the efficiency of the heat transfer process in your radiator. They do this by lowering the surface tension of your radiator fluid. In turn, this lower tension makes it easier for the fluid to penetrate the surfaces of hot metal (i.e. the inside of your radiator). Cooling additives often contain a corrosion inhibitor, which means you can use them while running nothing but water through your radiator. You can also use them with a water/antifreeze mix.

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